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Originally Posted by Capt. Willie View Post
I realize these aren't what you are looking for, but wouldn't they be close enough?

I don't get why you guys feel the need to match the Pros perfectly right down to wristbands and socks.
Maybe it's not just "the need" to match the pros.

Using myself as an example, I don't live in the states so each time I order in TW, i pay $55 shipping + duties. So I just can't order stuff on the fly, I would usually grab a couple of friends and see if they need stuff and we ship it in one go.

To make the most of the order, I need to make sure all the stuff I want is available.

I was in the OP's shoes last year.. I wanted the Core Blue/Acid wristbands and I wasn't sure if TW was getting them (or anyone in the states). I had to ask around first not because I need to match the pros, but just to find out if I had to wait for them or just settle for the navy adidas overtime wristbands.
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