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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
What is your region?
Well, he said he was from St. Louis, which is part of the Missouri Valley region.

Unfortunately, there are three problems here.

1) The Missouri Valley region has its own stupid, non-standard names for tournaments: Segment I, Segment II, and Segment III.

2) The TennisLink tournament listings for St. Louis are not limited to the terminology Segment I, Segment II, and Segment III, as found on the region's web page. Instead, they also have Challenger II, Challenger III, Segment II Endorser, etc. Where do all these stupid names fit into the Segment I-III hierarchy? Who knows?

3) The USTA web sites, including the pages for the various regions, are the worst collection of web pages on earth.

My suggestion would be to send email to, asking the following polite questions:

1) Where do you have a web page or document explaining all of the different tournament levels in the region, so that I can understand what "Segment I" and "Segment II Endorser" and "Challanger II" and "Challenger III" mean, before I sign my daughter up for a tournament?

2) Why are USTA web pages the worst on the planet?

3) Why are you people so stupid?

The latter two questions can be omitted, of course.
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