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upgraded my shipping to overnight. giant grip sticks will be here tomorrow!!! woot woot
mr.sapient, i'll have to check the sunday schedule to see if i can do sumpnsumpn with my new schticks. u can always meet me at 730am at taliban courts!
y'all heard that eminem and some lamer on that song that just ruins the tribe called quest line: raawr raaar like a dungeon dragon?? geez, you can't take a sweet line from busta ryhmes and kill it like that.
boo on you nicki minaj!


yo Xis in the house!!! wuts goin on homie? no bright colored threads to show off lately? now if we could just get JRK to post again... i believe he also uses 5/8 grippers to smack those aces, and well a few very fast faults too!

my sweet green yonex shoes are somehow in stock in just my size at another tennis place. i want to get them, but i have about 4 pairs of nikes that i haven't even used yet. dang!
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