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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
What up X man?

Im only 10 months away from being able to go to memphis and eatin a burger fried in 100 year old grease.

I think the 100 YO grease will drastically improve my net game.
Official plans are to retire from DOS no later than 12/31/11 (maybe sooner) and return to the Promised (Grace)Land. You, Sup and all are invited to visit our humble abode and eat all the 100-year-old grease burgers you can handle, with the best BBQ in the world for dessert. Should start planning that visit to coincide with the big indoor tournament held at the Racquet Club every February, with both men and women draws.

Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post

good to see you xisbum. are you temporarily out of commission again? or just warm indoors?
Nah, knee and everything else is just fine. All this talk lately about which barbed wire works best on which fence post just hasn't touched this old son of a farmer. Like to stick with a stick and roll with a wire that feel good when ball meets wire, so all this technical BS takes me to Yawn City. LOL.

Been playing with the old folks at FRC, where it's usually toasty and full of kids like you, good buddy. Trying to hang on to my dwindling skillz as long as I can.

Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
yo Xis in the house!!! wuts goin on homie? no bright colored threads to show off lately? now if we could just get JRK to post again... i believe he also uses 5/8 grippers to smack those aces, and well a few very fast faults too!

my sweet green yonex shoes are somehow in stock in just my size at another tennis place. i want to get them, but i have about 4 pairs of nikes that i haven't even used yet. dang!
Yeah, I gots some new duds, alright, but can't show you until I gets a pair those yellow Res 3s to match your green Yonexxesxx. Forget the Nikes - Sup's in Florida and you don't have to suck up to us homies, dude.

Know what we used to call players in Memphis who use 5/8 grips? MEN.

Know what we used to call players in Memphis who use 3/8 grips? WOMEN.

Originally Posted by auzzieizm View Post
Hawaii is a magical place. I just bought a racquet down here as a commemoration Hope it fits in the suitcase!
In your honor, A-man. I can see you shooting a few of these curls.

And if you are even close to a beach with wahines like this and all you're thinking about is a tennis racquet, we need to have a long, long talk when you get back.
"You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won't back down." - Tom Petty
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