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Default Wilson Tour Spin II Black appreciation

Well, at least I've found my Holy Grail in the shoe department. Just wanted to post a thread expressing some love for the new Tour Spin IIs, particularly the all black/touch of red colorway that I got. It's the same model as the white one, they say, but the mesh exterior is slightly different in these particular ones if you look at them closely, and the shoe fits like an absolute glove and breathes so, so well. Absolutely no break-in, great cushioning on the bottom and weight transfer from back to front and side to side is just so smooth compared to most tennis shoes. And in the last two years I've gone through many of them: Lunar Vapors (too narrow, as Nikes always are for me), Tour Spin I (very solid, but just moved on), Prince T22s (great, except the strap that goes over the forefoot tightened it a bit too much and my right foot pressed up against the side of it too much), New Balance CT 1004 (too roomy, clunky), New Balance 900E (excellent but shaky durability, squeaky upper and terrible string holes eat up strings) and the Wilson Tour Vision -- I thought the Tour Visions were outstanding but they sat up in the heel a bit too much, causing the front of my foot to take on so much pressure and blister up a bit over time.

Decided to give these black Tour Spins a try and am blown away. Feel very connected to the ground/low to the court but extremely cushioned and comfy at the same time, and they seem to fit around my foot more comfily and a little tighter than the old Tour Spins, which if they had a knock it was a tad too roomy. I realize these are speed shoes and aren't the best laterally, but they're not terrible support wise and besides, I often wear an ankle brace just in case as a precaution so if you do that then these will be the perfect, speedy compliment.

Anyway, just thought I'd share the love in case anyone is looking at these. Such a smooth, fast ride that my stubborn foot (wide, high arch) is finally happy with.
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