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Default For Sale (UK) Vantage Tennis Racket

I tried to build the spec to be as close as possible to the Wilson Pro Staff Original 95 and had advice from the guy at Vantage.
The code for the racquet is 221113.
95sq" head
16x19 string pattern
27 length
330g weight
You can check the Vantage website to see how they come up with the code and see the details of the racquets. I have hardly played with it and it is in very nearly brand new condition, a few minor scrapes on the bumper guard which is to be expected. No cracks or frame damage at all. It comes with it's own Vantage carry case. I have strung it with Luxilon Big Banger Original at about 58lbs but this tension may have changed over the time of having the racquet. grip size is L4, with Vanatage own synthetic grip.
Condition: 9.5/10
Virtually immaculate condition.
I will include the racket case pictured below.
Price is 75 plus your chosen recorded postage.

please post a response on the thread if you are interested or email me through the username.
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