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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I saw that clip last week. Im not quite sure poeple think its so funny. Is it the announcers reaction?

These guys are hack pro wrestlers. I mean come on hypnotizing someone? Are they serious.

But we can go see those guys in Philly on March 12 at 730 pm. front row tickets are 30 bucks.
HWOOD.. prior to this wkd, i totally would rock that show for $30.. however knowing that how there is this now this hypnotize move.. i dunnoo.. what happens if he somehow mis executes that move and hypnotize me.. being a fan of such macho sport, i don't know how i'd face any of you if i were caught on this reverse donkey on to another man's crotch/abd while doing the egyptian snake.. woot.. go egypt.. and their ppl... freedom..

p.s. the secret buffet place was kennedy center's sunday brunch.. it rocked. i made 5 runs to the desert isle followed by 10 runs to the toilet. never called dats back.. sry dats, i passed out after getting home at 2pm. yum..
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