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Default New Shoe Suggestions for Prince T22 user

I've been wearing the Prince T22s for awhile, but now that my Prince sponsorship has been up for awhile now and the retail price has gone up on the T22's I would like to switch to a different model just for heck of it.

I have had ankle problems in the past, so support is a very important aspect for me. I would prefer to go lighter than the T22 as well as to speed up my court movement that has begun to decline as I have gotten older, however I do not want to risk ankle injuries too much. I am also an extremely narrow foot. Even my T22's which are typical seen as a narrow fitting shoe had to be tied up so tight that the shoes eventually molded to my feet like a glove lol. Arch support isn't as important as I have custom orthotics for my athletics shoes due to my terrible flat feet :P

I have been told to try the CB 2.3s, as they also have good support like the T22s, but are still around the same weight. On the opposite end of the spectrum for lighter I have been told to try the vapors, but I've also read about the roomie forefoot and I worry about sliding around in the shoe.
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