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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
It's been a few weeks now and counting (see signature)... anyone else want to write their own 'Diary of A Racketaholic'? ... if this keeps up I'm well and truly cured!... ... "Halleluyah!"... "Glory be!"... "Praise the Prestige!"...

Sounds good Ross. Has your game got a little more consistent?

A good sign is that you only take those rackets to the court. I've recently stopped taking the revs the rads the custom vts the pt's the pc's and the er no there's nothing else in my super racket bag which i like to call a car

Stringaholics and gripaholics has been sorted too with the new Wilson hybrid grip + og and a couple of solinco strings.

Playing great consistent stuff and leading my singles league but where's the fun in that when i could be playing turd with a new racket, crawling flea bay for another find.........
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