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Originally Posted by retlod View Post
Wow. Awesome thread. I'll admit three things to start: 1. I didn't read *every* post...just the first and last several pages, 2. I've seen this thread on the forum for months and only jumped in now, and 3. I think I'm a racketaholic. Here's my story (I'll make it entertaining in return for all the LOLs I got reading others' witty posts).

Two summers ago, a friend got me back into playing tennis after about 8 years away. My old stick was a Wilson HPS 6.1. I started demoing similar frames--the K6.1, the 6.1 Tour, the KPS88, the Speed Pro, convinced that if I just put in enough time and effort, I could play with these demanding frames. Yuck. No luck. Then I tried my first Babolat--the Pure Drive GT.


Absolutely loved it--the lighter weight, the headlight balance, the ungodly spin, and the added oomph that let me get away with being a little out of position, etc. I was sure that this was the racquet for me. I bought two.

Well, that lasted about three months. By late in that summer, I had gotten into a little better tennis shape and had started to hit long with the PD. I cranked the tension all the way up to 65 lbs, but still couldn't control the ball well enough. I also started to have a litle soreness in my elbow. I looked for a frame with similar specs, but with a little more flex and a little less pop. More demos ensued until I tried the Speed MP 16x19.


The Speed was just what I had been looking for--not too mushy, but a little softer on my arm, less powerful so I could keep balls in play, and still gave me good spin and pop on the serve and FH. I was perfectly content...until I heard of the new YT Prestiges coming out last winter. I had to have one. My game was still improving, and I was convinced that if I just put in enough time and effort, I could play with a demanding frame like the YTPP. So I bought one cold turkey. The answer, even after multiple string setups, was still a resounding "no."

Then there was a one night stand with a YT Rad Pro. I don't even want to talk about that.

Back to the Speeds I went, then back to the Pure Drives, then the Speeds again. I added an APDGT to the bag, which I could only distinguish from the PDGT if I could see or touch it. Then one day, my hitting partner asked me to try his Prince Ozone Tour, which he was convinced I wouldn't like because of its flexy, plush feel.


By now, it'll bore you to hear why I loved it, but I loved it. I bought one. Then two more. Then went back to the Speeds to find them a nice, crisp change of pace. Than back to the Pure Drives to recapture the wicked spin game. The Radical and Prestige got assigned to basement duty. I was a happy Ozone user. Then I got to thinking...wouldn't it be criminal to try a Prestige, a Speed, and a Radical and not demo an Extreme? So I tried both the MP and the Pro.


I liked the stability of the Pro but the flex of the MP, so I bought an MP and threw about 6g of lead around the hoop and a couple of washers under the buttcap. Great stick. Like the Pure Drives, but softer with a little more feel. I was convinced that the Extreme(s) were PD replacements for me, so I finally sold some sticks--the Pure Drives, the YTPP, and the YTRP. I can still play well with the Speeds and the Ozones, too. So what's next?

I have an IG Speed and an EXO3 Tour on my doorstep as I type this, just waiting to hit the courts. Maybe I will have another OMG moment with one or both. Maybe I...well, not maybe. I *will* be trying out the new IG Extremes when they come out and will probably get a couple of those. Maybe I'll even have to go buy another PD because I miss it. Who knows?

So what has all this waffling shown me? Well, if there's a perfect stick out there for me, I'm determined to keep looking, probably forever. I also learned that weight and balance mean more to me than any other racquet spec, and that as long as I have a 15 minute warmup to get used to a new frame in my spec range, I can play with anything.

Thanks to all for such great posting. I'll be sure to keep up on this thread in the future and share my thoughts about the IG Speed and the EXO3 Tour, especially how they compare to the rest of the HEAD lineup and the Ozone.

Now when do the IG Extremes come out again?
One of the best posts I've seen in a long time. Well done, sir.
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