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The team rankings are human based. Singles and doubles are done by computer.

The point value each player has is some measure of how those "Best #" wins average out. So players that have seen their point value fall have had more wins averaged into their ranking, but those wins were not against the same quality of opponents that generated the January 4th rankings.

Let's look at Domijan.

For the January 4th rankings, his wins looked like this:
1. Quigley (#2)
2. Lacroix (#4)
3. Cunha (#9)
4. Garrapiz (#13)
5. Klahn (#15)
6. Nguyen (#18 )
7. Hume (#62)
8. Tripper Carleton (#87)

Now, look at his current set of wins
1. Quigley (#3)
2. Klahn (#7)
3. Lacroix (#9)
4. Cunha (#10)
5. Nguyen (#16)
6. Garrapiz (#24)
7. Hamui (#33)
8. Musialek (#70)
9. Watt (#77)
10. Hume (#109)
11. Bandres (#112)
12. Tripper Carleton (#123)

Now, let's say that his ranking in January was based on his best 6 wins. Pretty good batch of results there for a high point value. Now let's say that the latest rankings are based on his best 10 results now. The best win he's added since January is the win over Hamui, which lowered his average from January nonetheless. You see how even though Alex has not lost a match this year, his point value has declined because he's played lower ranked opponents?

Now, Domijan will have a good chance this weekend to add some big wins to his record, so there's not much of a danger of him falling far if he keeps winning. But if you look at Virginia's other Top 25 players like Jenkins and Courtney (who play #4 and #5, respectively) they will not get matches against the top players. For someone in their position, the fall tournaments are very important in terms of getting enough quality wins to get them a spot in the NCAA singles tournament.

Other than trash talking, the rankings' only real value is determining the field for the NCAAs, as well as the All-American and Indoors Championships. Just because Williams is ranked #1 does not mean he's the best player in college, but rather that he has the best set of wins so far this season.
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