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Originally Posted by rosstheboss View Post
everyone needs to jam he posted them mabye for attention or just wants an opinion what does it matter either way dont let it get to you guys and petty fights on a talk tennis tennis equipment shoes and apparel section dont look good hes allowed to post it if you dont like it and mabye you have a good point just ignore it dont wastw your precious time sorry if i come over like a dick but just so silly
someone can post once or even twice. I think no one really care but more than three times of similar questions
it's enough. maybe you did not read any of his posts......

there is a kid who posted similar threads over and over in racket section. people were ****ed then Original poster was banned.

TW members are not stupid. if someone posts once or twice, we give sincere opinions and try to help but after three more of similar posts.... some of members start to annoyed by posts.

why don't you give him an opinion instead of criticizing us?
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