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Originally Posted by Nastase View Post
Dont misunderstand me....I said UGA is very good....and of course you cannot be defined by one loss ever. Ga Tech is loaded and has their best team in maybe 20 years...they will likely be top 15 themselves. All I was saying is GA is not yet in the top ten and a GA fan has them in the top 4? Its very possible but lets not get ahead of ourselves. GA looks young to me at the bottom....the Swedish freshman is gonna be a beast though. I was at the Tech v Ga match and it was amazingly close...Tech won 4-3 and won the final match despite being down match points...anything could have happened. But Tech won at #1, #2 and #5 in straights sets...the other 3 matches went 3 sets.
I think they are in a weird place, future wise. Hernus (who's actually from South Africa) will most definitely be a beast, come a year or so from now. But their current 2,3, and 6 players are all transfers in their Junior years, so they've pretty much reached their peak (at least close to it), and below that, I just see a whole lot of really solid, but unspectacular players. So I dunno.

Spencer is solid and Doumbia is a beast (undefeated, and easily so this spring in duals). Javy is always solid. So if they can win the doubles, I like their chances against MOST teams. I really do think on a good day they could beat a top 5 team, but I agree I havent seen the consistency to say they belong there right yet.
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