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OK, I'll weigh in with an opinion:

Serena v. Jennifer - Serena will win, unless she has 35+ UEs, AND Jenny serves especially well.

Mauresmo v. Suarez - unless Amelie goes on a walkabout, she's in the semis

Serena v. Mauresmo - Serena in straights, but maybe a tiebreaker
Jennifer v. Mauresmo - Amelie should be able to get to net often enough to disrupt Jenny's rhythm, whic will likely let down after beating Serena

Lindsay v. Sharapova - Unless Maria collapses under the pressure (see Roland Garros qtrfinal), NBC will be smiling on Saturday. Lindsay can't run down enough balls to force Maria into mistakes. And Maria's serve is stronger than 99% of the players Lindsay spanks.

Serena v. Sharapova - The occasion will catch up with Maria, and she won't be able to smack returns against Serena's big serves. Serena's defense will frustrate Sharapova into errors when she can get ahead in the point.
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