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43 yrs. playing, hundreds of tournaments, thousands of string jobs, gives me the right to say the things I do. I've biked through Washington almost to Canada (Tacoma) in one day with a fully loaded bike against the wind on the coast. I've rewired thousands of houses, in the dirt crawling. I've done 1500 pge mains. I've seen Laver play and everyone inbetween. I've biked up Haleakala without water, 36 miles uphill in the Hi. sun. I set the track records in an all black school in Richmond, ca., that stood until the school was bull dozed. (Four shot to death when I was there.) I've finished top ten norcal in both 4.5 and 5.5 play, and beaten the top players with no coaching, training, or lessons at all. On speed and guts alone with no technique.

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