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Originally Posted by Buckethead View Post
Im trying not to buy rackets, because I keep all of them, but I am interested in some: Yonex RQiS 1 Tour( I never forget this racket), V-Con X18(great for customizing), V-Core 95D and the EZONE Light(great for customizing).
Buckethead, which racket is supposed to be more powerful ? Yonex Ezone 107 or Vcore 100 Wozniaki ??? TW say it is Ezone 107 but i am not so sure because Vcore 100 is alot more stiffer, and stiffer rackets generate more power.
and where do you think Prince EXO3 RED 2011 fit in there ? i hit with this frame yesterday and i thought it was slightly more powerful than Ezone 107 even. but weird thing is Ezone 107 seem more powerful on serving..
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