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Originally Posted by Fedace View Post
Buckethead, which racket is supposed to be more powerful ? Yonex Ezone 107 or Vcore 100 Wozniaki ??? TW say it is Ezone 107 but i am not so sure because Vcore 100 is alot more stiffer, and stiffer rackets generate more power.
and where do you think Prince EXO3 RED 2011 fit in there ? i hit with this frame yesterday and i thought it was slightly more powerful than Ezone 107 even. but weird thing is Ezone 107 seem more powerful on serving..
I assume the EZONE 107. But you can make the V-Core 100S as powerful as the E107, but probably it'll not play like the E107.
V-Core 100 isn't a lot stiffer than the EZONE, but the EZONE is bigger with a bigger sweet spot, so the power is on the sweet spot.
EXO3 Red would probably fit in between, but closer to 107, but i doubt it plays close to either one. Prince makes rackets with no feel and cheap materials, pretty much hollow crappy rackets.
Have you tried the SFIT 3, look at that one as well. I think EZONE 100 was great racket for who looks for power and really stable. The EZONE line I can already think is the best line for that tweener market. I can't see people taking any racket over those.
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