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Originally Posted by XFactorer View Post
Yeah, I keep going back to my RQiS 1 Tour even though I've "switched" to the RDiS 200.

I just like the nimbleness of the 95 head size. The 98 (RDiS 200) doesn't feel as maneuverable, but I volley a tad bit better with it because of the extra 3 sq inches.

I haven't ordered the V-Core 95D, but I want to. I got mine from a competitor who let me put in my order now; so I got the top 3 I'd most likely switch to. I might hit up TW for the 95D and UD-Ti80 Lite.
RQiS 1 tour was really, really nice with the exception of the hoop being thick.
But that was probably what brought that racket that feel and the paint job it is so beautiful.
URD Ti 80 Version is another racket with great feel, but I still like my RDS mids and the R-22 as my main rackets. The consumption is killing me now, because I am almost buying a few rackets of a couple lines. We'll see.
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