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Default tricep pain

Guys am facing a tricep pain when i serve. The pain is accute when i go for flat serve and less for slice serve. The problem started when I strectched my hand to hit a flat serve on a wayward toss. This has brought down my playing level. I have been suffering with it for past 2 weeks. I play a match then rest for 2 days and my hand feels pretty well. Then i practice few shadow swings, go hit with my partner. I dont get any pain in hitting sessions and then finally he calls me for a match, I agree half minded, the pain returns after my first serve attempt. So what should I do now, stop plaining for a week or 2 weeks? In this time can i keep placticing ralleis? Since I dont get any pain during ralleis do you guys think it will delay the recovery?
I am guy who plays every alternate day but now due to this injury I am forced to take a break. How do you guys take break from your game? Any Serious method you guys used to take your mind off tennis?
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