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Most schools offer scholarships based on need and/or academics. Division 1 and 2 offer athletic aid as well. I coach at Drew University in Madison, NJ. We offer a lot of the first two types of aid, but since we are D3, there is no athletic aid. We are a strong academic school and SAT's are optional (you can submit a graded paper instead).

As for other schools, if its about money, then its about the overall package you are offered. For example, a school can cost $50,000, but if you get $25,000 in academic/need aid that is less expensive than going to a $40,000 D1 school, getting a $10,000 athletic scholarship with no academic aid. However, some schools will not give aid to non-Americans.
Do some research on schools that fit your academic profile and ask the coach about if they offer aid to Canadians.
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