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1) Look for a school that is strong in the area that you think you will major in (business). There are several places that rate schools (U.S. News, Business Week, books on colleges, etc.) find these magazines or books.
2) Look for a school that you will be happy at and has an overall good academic reputation. There are different resources from the books mentioned above to websites about which schools are party schools (A party school can sound fun, but do you want to hang with kids who act like idiots? On the other hand, if you are playing tennis do you want a school that is a hardcore academic grind?). A lot of people change their majors during school. You don't know what life will bring you.
3) Look for a tennis program you will be happy in. Does the coach have a good reputation? Do you have a good feeling about him? Do you like the facilities? What do you know about the players on the team (international or not)? Can you find anyone to talk to with firsthand knowledge?

Just some thoughts. it is a big decision, but you seem smart and focused, so you'll be fine no matter what.

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