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I think the match between Serena and Capriati will be the determining factor. I will give Serena the slight advantage on grass, but I am hoping for an excellent 3 set match.

Maria and Lindsay, I love both, Lindsay a great Champion, and in my opinion I still see her only chance to win a Slam, being Wimbledon or the Us Open.

That said, Maria reminds me a lot of Venus. If I am correct Lindsay dominated the head to heads of Venus early on. I feel with Davenports experience and her ability to control the point early with her serving, I will give the slight advantage to Lindsay.

Maria, does have nothing to loose, and if she plays up to her potential, she can upset Lindsay. The winner will be the one who reduces the errors on big points, and remains focused. Maria does have the mobility working for her, but if Davenport stays in the match, she will keep Maria pinned to the baseline.

Serena vs Davenport/Sharapova
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