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or march blizzard.... its happened before!

auz: err... i dunno. i liked serving with the RDis100MP and the TW listed specs are spot on.. so maybe if i get a 3/8 instead of 1/2 it will weigh 11.7oz? dunno.
i wish i didn't want to demo 12-15 sticks, but i just want to try a ton and hopefully one will stick out as the perfect one!
(you might be familiar with this quest?!?!?!???)

although, i might just tinker with the xXxtremes some more, because if i can get 100" headsize and full poly, it should work no matter what the specs as long as i can get my feet in position. a combination of the IG Speed 18x20 and the Pure Storm Tour would be nice. easy swinging but heavy plow feel on impact! wut? i dunno. fark

i could set up a racquet bracquet to see which racquet wins the tournament:
1st Round:
Yonex RDIS100mp vs Yonex RDIS200
Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Plus vs Head YOUTEK Prestige MP
Babolat Aerostorm Tour GT vs Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT
Wilson Six-One 95 BLX 18x20 vs Wilson KBlade 98
wild cards: uteX XxXtreme / IG Speed 18x20 w/ lead

downs_chris, if it isn't raining this weekend.. i could meet for a hit and i can order 4 of these frames for extended demo session! auz... can you resist???

still can't believe the local tennis shop during vacation doesnt ask for i.d. or credit card.. just a phone number and they give you 2 racquets for 2 days for FREE?!?!?! auzzie would love it there! the stringer was willing to give me his personal racquet to try too... real nice blokes!
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