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PerforMAXX WhisperTouch Pro / WeissCANNON Scorpion 1.22

Stringing: Since this is a natural gut string, you have to take extra care when stringing. However, stringing gut in the mains, while seemingly similar, is one of the most tedious things to string for the first four mains. This was no exception. Although I didn't scuff the string nor leave clamp marks, I did string at the second lowest speed on the machine and at 10% prestretch. Tying knots was doable, but more difficult than the coated version. You can easily feel the friction. The Scorpion wasn't bad to string in the crosses, but again, natural gut mains make you take a lot more time to make sure you don't damage it. Overall, it took me about 35 minutes a stick which is actually about 15 minutes more than what it takes for me to string my own racquets. Strung 57/55.

Serving: I only went out today to serve. Honestly, I didn't notice anything significant above and beyond the reverse combination. It didn't feel particularly powerful, but I am working on a new motion. The stringbed actually does NOT feel as soft and responsive as it does with the Scorpion in the mains. I think that the softness of the gut creates a muted feeling. The serves that I did get in decently felt solid and there was a great sound as well. Wish I could say more, so I'll update once my new motion is down completely.

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