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geez, looking at the video i took of my hitting sessions, i really suXx with the yonex rdis but was blasting the ball pretty good with a 4 1/4 Head IG Speed 18x20. uh ohhhhz! time to hit the classifieds! the feel when ripping forehands was awesome but it was missing a little plow and mass on backhands and serves. hrmmm. guess i should demo it more. i think the smaller grip size allowed me to drop the racquet head below the ball more to get more spiiinz! dunno
maybe if zapvor asks nicely i will post a quick video of my awesomeness! can't make any promises though!

i think i need an RDC machine. trying to find racquets that are 11.7oz, 100", and low swingweight, but TW and RSI ( ) have totally different specs where swingweights differ by 25 points on some racquets. geez...
i know the rdis100 mid does NOT have a swingweight of 308. not a beast, but not a toy either. 320s seems more like it.
anywho... i guess i just gotta demo for myself.

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