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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
auz: err... i dunno. i liked serving with the RDis100MP and the TW listed specs are spot on.. so maybe if i get a 3/8 instead of 1/2 it will weigh 11.7oz? dunno.
i wish i didn't want to demo 12-15 sticks, but i just want to try a ton and hopefully one will stick out as the perfect one!
(you might be familiar with this quest?!?!?!???)

although, i might just tinker with the xXxtremes some more, because if i can get 100" headsize and full poly, it should work no matter what the specs as long as i can get my feet in position. a combination of the IG Speed 18x20 and the Pure Storm Tour would be nice. easy swinging but heavy plow feel on impact! wut? i dunno. fark

downs_chris, if it isn't raining this weekend.. i could meet for a hit and i can order 4 of these frames for extended demo session! auz... can you resist???
The RDiS MP's were great frames esp. with BBO in them. What combination of the IG Speed and the PST specs are you looking for, maybe we can add to the demo list!

btw, I cannot resist outside hitting on the weekend. Let me know by textual message if something brews...

Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
geez, looking at the video i took of my hitting sessions, i really suXx with the yonex rdis but was blasting the ball pretty good with a 4 1/4 Head IG Speed 18x20. uh ohhhhz! time to hit the classifieds! the feel when ripping forehands was awesome but it was missing a little plow and mass on backhands and serves. hrmmm. guess i should demo it more. i think the smaller grip size allowed me to drop the racquet head below the ball more to get more spiiinz! dunno
maybe if zapvor asks nicely i will post a quick video of my awesomeness! can't make any promises though!.
Post it!

Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
and i thought i had a racquet problem! haha...but yeah, the rdis 100 mp, and the vcore 95D will both be arriving at my house this week...
You do have a racquet problem!

Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
dats, maybe sunday? looks like the vcores aren't getting in until the 25th now...i'm getting a little impatient...
Sunday outdoor mini meet weather permitting??????????????
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