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50's are too cold for me to drive way down there. Ill just play disc golf in morning like every other sundee.

When it gets nicer I'm down for a mini meet though. Ill be sure to string up my RD-7 super mids and blast you guys off the court with my new found 4.0 greatness.

Im 1-2 now in 8.0 league. I think so far weve ran into teams like mine that was both 4.0 players. I think this week we get a team with a 4.5 dude and a 3.5 broad. Well see if me blasting everything hard at the 3.5 broad equals victory.

Last match I plucked the broad with an overhead and that didnt equal victory so I'm not getting my hopes up.

Also after I plucked her she said "you know I usually only date and have sexual relations with other broads, but there is something about you that makes me believe you can sway me of my lesbian ways. You are strong powerful guy, but your voice is kinda high pitch and I would probably confuse you with a female over the phone. What do you say afterwards we go somewhere and get it on?"
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