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PerforMAXX WhisperTouch Pro / WeissCANNON Scorpion 1.22
Sad end to this, the string broke prematurely. While I could blame it on stringer error since it broke at the grommet, I served with this frame yesterday with no problems at all. With that in mind, since the string has no real coating, I'd venture that this would not have been an issue if I'd used power pads. Not going to bother though, read below. The ball that broke it was a heavy 1HBH.

Disappointed. The stringbed plays as though it is strung too tightly, even though the opposite has gobs of power. There is spin, but I'm not too sure that it's more than the converse. You cannot create that sense of immediate pace that you can with the gut crosses instead, and that I love.

Volleys: Again, disappointed. I was expecting supernatural feel and didn't get it. There's nothing here to rave about, so I won't waste any more of your time. The gut in the crosses is just better.

Overall: Won't string this again. Gut mains are just too tedious for those first few to be of any real utility when I could use a synthetic instead. The crisp feeling of the Scorpion is also gone which is not surprising as it's performing the gut's job in the other way around. With the Scorpion in the mains, you get the feel of a super crisp, but soft poly string with great spin and GREAT touch and power. With poly in the crosses, it feels like you're attenuating the gut's benefits. I'm not a fan of that.


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