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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
I had a message typed about how horrible 'those' rackets were...Tenex, Add-In, Tensor, even the Garcia X15...with their string-eating grommets and creaky handles. Fortunately, not many folks played with them enough to need restringing. Didn't want to speak ill of Playboy . Surprised they put their logo on such a lousy design but I'm sure the Taiwan factory was happy to oblige.

Would have been a strange racket to use during a mixed doubles match!

Looks like Patti was a year older than Jimbo...not like that mattered! Pretty girl, for sure.
Agree with you coach ... those cheapo metals were really made to self destruct. I bet playboy was just looking for a cheap racket prop for some pictures, not for any tennis action. Patti was a real winner for Jimbo. They are living happy in the Santa Barbara area, have a nice family and she works for a local TV station. Not sure how much tennis Jimmy is playing these days ?

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