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Originally Posted by LPShanet View Post
Fair points, but keep in mind that she wasn't really "offered" V-Cores specifically. She was offered to play with whatever she wanted that they made, as long as she used the V-Core cosmetics. If she stays with Yonex for at least two years, you'll certainly see her "switch" frames at that point if not sooner, although it's unlikely that the actual frame will be any different. Her main goal while switching frames from Babolat would have been to have as little change about the frame as possible, not game improvement (which is the goal when a recreational player like yourself switches). In fact, the examples you gave are good ones, because two of the three of them are cases where the new company couldn't make a frame similar enough to what they already used, so they went back to their existing frames. It has nothing to do with "better" or they all would use the same frame. It has to do with what they're used to.

The reason paint jobs exist is so that they can have players appear to play with whatever they want to market while using the frame that is closest to what the player already uses. So her appearing to use a particular frame means nothing, as I originally said. If she is using a stock V-Core 100s it's not because it's the best or most suited to improving her game, it's because it has the closest specs to her previous racquet, with the other V-Core models being further away.

As for Woz's level of play, I think we should probably wait until the year is over before we declare that she's playing better or worse. Then we can compare results and argue about whether it's due to the racquet. Way too early to tell if there's even a difference now.

It's very clear now much you love Yonex...and I don't disagree at all, since they're excellent racquets. But it's important to keep an objective point of view when discussing a pro's use of a racquet and the reasons for it.
A win against Kuznetzova and finalist againt Zvonareva in last two tournaments is pretty good.

I think she has to figure Zvonarevas game as they play similarly. Also, keep developing the offensive game and improve her serve in order to get some free points through aces and service winners.
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