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Originally Posted by djNEiGht View Post
i was driving through slo and took a detour to TW but alas i got there after hours.
Funny, the last two posts were about driving through "slo", and it made me think huh, Slovakia? Though I have lived in LA for almost 15 years now, I have never wanted to venture up to San Luis Obisbo. It is as the dating community here in LA refers to dating someone living across town, they are GU-- geographically undesirable. It looks to be pretty far west of the 5 freeway that most Californians like to use to travel north and south on. And this begs the question: Why doesn't TW open up a few smaller, retail shops in areas of hotbed tennis activity? San Diego, LA, Miami, and of course Fargo, ND (um, that last one was a joke). Still, I wouldn't mind walking into a retail shop the size of a CVS or Walgreens where it was just about tennis. Most of the tennis shops in LA aren't very good, except one which I don't want to mention out of respect for our beloved TW.
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