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Originally Posted by OldButGame View Post
TM,..the specs look a LOT like the BB11...(maybe I'm Hoping it to be), in NO way like the BB11??...(The London is a 16x19 and I'm 'stuck' on 18x20s)

(sorry, I know I've beat that BB11 comparison thing to death...)
The big difference between the Melbourne and its predecessor, the Legend, is in the lay-up, with the extra material in the throat area. In no way did the Legend and the BB 11 play alike, at least stock. Even as heavy as the BB 11 SE was, it still didn't have the dwell time/spin access that the Legend has. Are you looking for the feel of 18 mains, or the pop of the BB 11? Either way, if you string the London with gut or multi in the mains and poly in the crosses, you will accomplish both.
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