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pleeeease don't even get me started on the post office.

my local one is sooo busy by people using it as their bank trying to get money orders and even worse is when the customers ahead of you all want passports and only speak spanish and the employess pretty much only speak vietnamese. it is a real time suck!

so i went to a different post office recently and i wrote the label on last minute while in a loooong line. i wanted to make sure the address didnt get smudged so i asked at the beginning if the worker could put a piece of clear tape over it. he said "sure". i waited and waited and decided that i wasn't going to sign my receipt until he did it... meanwhile the line grew behind me and the lazy worker wasn't budging off his seat. so i asked him again to put the tape on and he said since i didnt TRUST him, i needed to go buy a reel of tape and put it on myself. i basically told the guy to eff off, and i decided to buy insurance on the package so i didnt get skrewed on the deal.
i guess i am untrusting, but when you look and act as lazy as this guy, who doesnt move any faster than a slug even though the line is out the door... i wanna see my tape applied in person!!!

geesh.. now i am all worked up!

no buyers for my racquets. i really want to use IG Speed or YY200 but i have a closet full of sticks. gah!
i might have to resort to dennischan style and include a pair of slightly soiled shorts to entice buyers!
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