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Default Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid Grip: GREAT!

I've just used this grip on my AG 4D 100 and Biomimetic 200 Lite. It's heavy and in a standard installation it seems to add about .4 oz to a racquet's strung weight but it's worth it the extra weight!

Other "comfort" grips feel mushy with a loss of feel and control. With this grip you still feel the bevels, there's excellent feel and control, and yet the comfort is on par with my Volkl's and their special Sensor grip system.

If you can take the extra weight and want a really comfy grip with no loss in feel or control then this is the PERFECT comfort grip. Traction is outstanding too and I sweat pretty bad.

For those with a one-hand back-hand try this: I cut my replacement grips down to 3/4 length so it fits my hand perfectly. I use a color-coordinated overgrip to cover the remainder of the handle. Looks great, you still have some texture for two-handed volleys, and you shave off some weight.
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