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FYB has a very clear introductory description of pronation. Just after 3 minutes he describes rotational energy and its transfer into the ball.
I appreciate Will work. His site is one of the best, no, in my opinion it is the most useful tennis site ever made. But Will is not a pro player, didn't learn how to play with the best coaches in the world. Also, Will is not a scientist. His videos are very useful, but there are things which are not perfect there.

The kind of serve motion shown by Will in this video is not biomechanically optimal. I mean, people can use this kind of motion and it will work for many amateur players. But this is not a technique of a professional tennis players.

His explanation of the role of pronation is wrong, unfortunately. He needs time to read some papers, make some experiments on the court and to think about casual sequence of things during serves. I hope this thread will help him to make better videos.

Slo-mo sequence at the end of movie presents good technique.
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