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Donnay X-Blue 94The first of the line that I fell in love with. I was instantly drawn to the x-blue 94 as it was so similar in weight to my Head YT Prestige MP’s. I have, in the past, been more of a fan of 18x20 string patterns as well. Such a nice looking racquet. The blue color really accents the rest of the racquet nicely. Throw some black stings in there and you really have got a nice looking weapon.


This racquet impressed me from the baseline. To me, it swings a bit heavier than my prestiges, even though it is the same listed weight. Control with the x-blue 94 is AMAZING. I literally felt like I could place a stack of dimes on the other side of the net, and knock them over at any moment. Spin potential was the other big thing I noticed with the racquets. I was getting WAY more spin than I normally get with my prestige. My forehand was coming off the strings extremely heavy. I felt I could just swing away on forehands and knew right where the ball was going. Backhands were my favorite part of this stick from the baseline. I really felt as if I could take enormous, aggressive cuts at the ball with this frame. I had people I hit with all the time making comments about how much bigger I was hitting my backhand. I don’t know what it was, but I really had the confidence to go for shots with this one. Return of serve was great with this too when I was getting around on the ball. Slice was also coming off with a ton of spin. Sharp and crisp - Very comfortable, and pinpoint control. The frame felt very stable on all shots, with no vibration on off center hits. I also noticed a rather large sweet spot for a 94 sq. in. racquet.
The only negative that I can see to this frame from the ground is how heavy it swings. I really didn’t feel like I could do a lot of customizing with it, without making it to heavy. I did find with a synthetic grip, I liked it best with the 5g cap, and no strips in the frames. The frame itself is pretty stiff – by far the stiffest of the whole series in my opinion. I did notice the frame to be a bit sluggish at times getting through the ball when playing against big hitters though. On shots where I had time to set up this stick was awesome. However I felt I really wasn’t getting a whole lot on defensive shots compared to other frames in the series. Compared to other frames in this series – power was lacking a bit. It was there to an extent. However it was like dating that hot chick that bores the hell out of you. You know that she’s out of your league and everything is good about the relationship – but something just isn’t there. A little more pop and this would be a perfect frame.


Volleys were one part of this racquet that really stood out as awesome. This frame is so stable, that control on volleys from all areas of the court is incredible. Feel is also top notch. Better than anything I have hit at the net. The weight of the x-blue 94 did not feel sluggish at the net. Moves very easy through the air so I could get aggressive on volleys when I wanted to. The stability of the frame made defensive volleys come off the strings with some pop as well. Very nice playing racquet from the net. I spent a lot of time at the net with this racquet as well. I felt comfortable feeding balls with it, as well as hitting volleys when players were taking giant cuts at groundstrokes at me.

Serve 8/10

Serves were also a pleasure to hit with the blue 94. I felt like I was getting some amazing control on every serve that I was trying to hit. My flat serve I felt lost a few MPH’s, but that wasn’t a concern with how much more confidence I had with the control. Spin serves were more effective, although lacking a few MPH’s. Kick serves were really jumping, way more than I get with my usual racquets. Slice serves were my favorite to hit. Crazy amounts of bite on my slice serve. I generally hit a flatter serve, but found myself really going for more slice and kick serves than I normally do.

Overall 8/10

Overall I gave this frame an 8/10. The weight and balance of the frame were right up my ally. It did feel like it swung a bit heavier than listed, and I did notice that at times from the baseline. Power was a bit lacking at times, especially on defensive shots from the baseline. However, the pinpoint control on groundstrokes, amazing performance at the net, and great access to spin on the serve make this stick a winner. Anyone that plays with heavy racquets, likes 18x20 string patterns, and enjoys the 80’s players racquets should give this one a try. It has that old school “thud” when hitting the ball, which I really enjoyed! Give it a go and let the board know what you think 

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