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might've found a buyer for RDiS mids. w00t
not 1 bite on any of my talktennis classifieds. even though
i am being dumb and considering selling my xXxtremes even though
i play okay with them.
thank goodness for craigslist where people actually BUY things!
c'mon 9/10 youtek extremes and nobody is interested? ridixXxulous!

the 5/8 yonex i understand because talktennis classified section is trolled mainly by justin biebers and dennischan, but somebody should want 3/8 xXxtremes. nutters.

oh well, i should probably learn to keep all racquets for 5 years since i might
go back to rdis100mp just like i went back to extremes just like i have gone back to yonex mids time and time again. har.
i think it proves that a manufacturer can slap a new coat of paint on a racquet and say it has ultigre fibres in it and i will buy it!

but i think if i played with igSpeeds and yyMP frame for a while i would be fine.. hopefully i can decide on just one though. i think i like the igSpeed for forehands and volleys and yyRDMP for serving and backhands. gah!

JRS.. lets set up a mini-meet.. next Sat? string up a PrestigeMP with all poly please!
HW, bring the grill! somebody locate JRK and get him to come out. i miss gumby!

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