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Originally Posted by 10ACE View Post
So far I agree with your write up. However- it's interesting that u r testing them all with a synthetic grip. I am almost sold on the Blue 99- but feel if I put a leather grip on the Dark Red 94 and the Red 99 I would Have liked them more- especially the Dark Red 94. I have decided to go up to the 99 from the 94 blue due to the amazing sweet spot the 99 has with out sacrificing control and feel. If My footwork was on point-or if I could have both - the blue 94 was like a scalpel to me after I adjusted to how fast it can cut through your stroke- amazing at all parts of the court and dissected volleys.
possibly. even with the synthetic grip, couldn't you just add weight in the handle and get a similar weight? In my write ups you can see, even though I've had the synthetic, I've almost always been using the 5g cap in the handle as well. i REALLY like the blue 99. it doesn't feel that much bigger really. same great feel as the 94, big sweet spot, and the pop that i felt was lacking in the 94... GREAT stick, my write up on it will be coming soon
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