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Originally Posted by WinNCash View Post
I've not played much so you can take this for what it's worth, but I demo'd the X-Yellow recently and preferred it to the other racquets I have tried. I would like to think I have a bit better ball sense and technique than the average beginner because of the other racquet sports I have played, but that may just be me being hopeful!

I felt like the racquet helped me get some confidence hitting through the ball on my forehand, and consequently I was able to produce more spin to keep it in the court more often. I had never hit a backhand slice before but I tried a few with some success (success criteria being that they didn't hit the net and stayed in the court), sort of hard for me to compare to other racquets since I haven't hit that shot but it didn't feel forced to me. My one handed topspin backhand actually had some topspin. Haha. But it's my better shot and it felt good.

I didn't notice a lot of vibration and I didn't play with the dampener either (I don't really like them.) I thought the yellow color was very very bright but kind of took a liking to it after a while. It's quite the contrast with the shiny silver.

Overall the racquet reminded me of one of my old racquetball racquets, an Ektelon with a thinner beam and a good, solid, basic feel. I want to try the Orange or Red just to see if I want a bit more weight or not. But it does come with the extra weights so I'm not sure that really matters all that much.

For the level I'm at, I think its good if I can pick how much power I put on the ball, and this racquet allowed me to do that.
you hit it right on the money here. i really think the yellow, white, orange, and even red 99 are great racquets for juniors. The light weight of the yellow, matched with how easy it is to swing, spin potential and feel I believe makes it pretty superior to other racquets in its category. it again, is a little pricier than the other frames close to it, but the feel and control compared to the others is way better.
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