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Originally Posted by Kal-El 34 View Post
Donnay™ Serial Number System
Donnay™ is the only tennis racquet manufacturer to use a serial numbering system to identify every racquet. Using this system you can place an order with us, giving us your current racquets serial number, and receive an exact duplicate of your current racquet down to the gram and millimeter. This is only capable with Donnay's strict quality control standards.

that way... 6 month down the road when you want another one, you can still get the exact same one you are hitting with
I agree its a good system, but it will be interesting to see just how reliable that would be, because they would have to measure, weight and balance exactly every single racquet coming off the production line.

I would like to know exactly how it works. For example, do they have a database and in the event you want an exact racquet, what do they do? Punch in the serial number and it finds another racquet with the exact weight and balance, and then they pull it off the rack in their warehouse to send to you? Operationally, its going to take a fair amount of resources to run that sort of system.
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