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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
JRS.. lets set up a mini-meet.. next Sat? string up a PrestigeMP with all poly please!
HW, bring the grill! somebody locate JRK and get him to come out. i miss gumby!

I'll see if mission control lets me out of the house... LOL!

BTW- I only have Prestige Pros. I need to burn through all this string I bought so I'm going to try out Mantis Comfort next, but I'm def going back to at least one stick W/ Poly for the big hitters.

Oh yeah, the sitcks I sold JUST made it to Texas this AM. Better be delivered by tonight.

After a 5 minute conversation with USPS's automated system I finally got through to a real person. She tried to tell me priortity was 2-3 days estimate with a max of 5 days.

I'm like your website says "IT WILL BE DELIVERED" in 2-3 days. I even had her pull up the website, which says nothing about 5 days. Then she tried to tell me the wording would have been too long for the website...SMH!!!!

BTW- Paulman must have minions scrubbing the web for racket sales. I talk to him last night and he already pointed me to a posting - How do you do it???
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