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Originally Posted by OldButGame View Post
Jgads,...if i can ask??..did You pay 249$ ??
that price kinda scares me,....
Nope, I got an outstanding deal from a rep that was so good, I bought two frames, thinking then that I'd be switching permanently to this one. I don't want to say specifically what the deal was out of respect to TW, but it was dynamite. So I have the one frame I've been toying with and another that's still unwrapped, and at some point they might be going up in the For Sale section but I can't bring myself to do that just yet because there are elements to these frames (the maneuverability, the easy pop on serve, the hot butter slices) that are just so splendid that I haven't fully given up on the frame yet, even if the Black Ace Mid is now the primary apple of my eye.
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