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Originally Posted by backatcha View Post
Hey Kal-El: I am very interested in your thoughts regarding the Black 99 and Blue 99. After you have reviewed each of these models, please take the time to compare the characteristics. I have been told in another thread that they play very similarly with the only significance being the extra power (SW) of the Blue. You seemed to like the Black 94 a little more than the Blue 94 because of its additional forgiveness and extra power... it will be interesting to see if this holds true for the Blue 99 vs the Black 99.

BTW next week I will be demoing the Donnay line (Black 99, Blue 99, Red 99, Black 94, Blue 94 and Dark Red 94) and look forward to the play test.

PS: In your previous reviews, you do not make much mention of the possible weight customizations and the particular effect on the playability. Did you have any good, bad or other experiences with the weights?
i did tinker around more with the lighter frames in the batch. the black, blue, and red 94+ were all pretty heavy stock. i did however, try the different caps and was generally more pleased with the 5g one in. I actually liked all 3 of the aforementioned frames with no strips in the top. i played around with different settings, but didn't think any of them needed more weight in the head. obviously, this may be different for others depending on their preference.

i will talk more about customizing the frames when i get into the red 99 and orange 99, and did tinker around a little with the black and blue 99 as well but i did have some nice results with the kits on the red 99 and the orange 99 the most
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