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^^^^ good job showing the young guys that old tech doesn't mean it's bad or outdated tech.

Just when I thought I might not go check the thrift stores again so soon, I decided to go out this evening after work and find a couple more.

A Yonex RQ-380 for $4 and a Prince CTS Precision 90 for $2.......

Frames sold in 1990 and 1988, respectively.

Now I've got a pair of Precisions to use if I want since I mentioned them in my grouping in my previous post.

I guess I can add the Yonex to my collection of graphite frame models used by major title winners (Seles in the early 90's). Goes with ones like the Wilson Pro Staff midsize, Yonex R-22, Babolat APD original, Yonex R-7. Non-paintjob models.....

Again, I'm not trying to actively purchase these willing to pay too much. Just keep poking into used sporting goods shops and thrift stores.

I'm still hoping to come across a Dunlop Max200g.
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