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Originally Posted by bertrevert View Post
Perhaps you will have s hot at the great White

But even if you don't, from your quote above, how on earth do they get the desired "feel and control" out of such a thin beam?

I can buy the notion that the thinner beam promotes feel, gobs of flexy sexy feel, but when they go as thin as 15mm or 17mm how on earth is control maintained? Is this to do with the layup or again the Xenecore throughout? I would think at these beam width you'd be looking at something strong as a noodle, hence loss of control.
From Donnay's website:

Due to the unique characteristics of XēneCore™, RAs should not be used to compare power against graphite racquets because of their hollow nature and lack of mass. All graphite racquets are hollow so power has been measured by stiffness and swing weight only. In actuality, mass is an important factor in measuring the Coefficient of Restitution and "Power" which is actually velocity. See Wikipedia Reference. Hollow racquets have little mass to help increase the Coefficient of Restitution and velocity. The density of mass also increases reflex speed and increases velocity. Analogize horsepower vs. torque in generating automobile velocity.
I actually had to convince myself that the X-Yellow (at 10.6 oz) was lighter than the EXO3 Graphite 100 (at 11.6 oz) when I picked them up. I asked both my folks which one they thought was lighter and they both picked the Prince at first, even though it is a full ounce heavier. I guess what I am saying is that I could feel the difference in mass (not weight) between that racquet and the other two I demo'd. The mass argument makes sense to me, but what do I know? Hahaha!
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