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Originally Posted by WinNCash View Post
I actually had to convince myself that the X-Yellow (at 10.6 oz) was lighter than the EXO3 Graphite 100 (at 11.6 oz) when I picked them up. I asked both my folks which one they thought was lighter and they both picked the Prince at first, even though it is a full ounce heavier. I guess what I am saying is that I could feel the difference in mass (not weight) between that racquet and the other two I demo'd. The mass argument makes sense to me, but what do I know? Hahaha!
Good point! So mass is felt force, a certain resistance, providing the thwack back?

I have to think that since most modern racquets are hollow that a differentiator in the feel department would have to be from something like filling the hollow core. Sounds very interesting indeed. Fail to truly understand how adding mass couldn't add swingweight, but if it doesn't then I guess greater mass meeting the incoming ball helps in the "Coefficient of Restitution" that they refer to.

Yet the swingweight for the Donnay white 99 is a paltry Swingweight: 295, and that just doesn't seem enough to me - is mass going to save me on court?

ps. does Rusedski in any way haunt the halls of Donnay Castle anymore? I hope not...
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