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Originally Posted by auzzieizm View Post
No less than 18 mains for you DVI!!

JRS, agreed about Paulman's minions- he's told me about possible string trade posts from other posters before they were even posted

Topaz, Get JRK and yourself out of hiding and lets minimeet next weekend!!!!
Lol! I'm not in hiding, just sold my soul to my 7.0 mixed captain! And still playing singles league AND I have my first 8.0 mixed match tomorrow? Any words of wisdom (other than stay out of the way of my 4.5 partner?).

And...I am right now, wearing my first pair of Asics. Love them! They were on liquidation and I might have to pick up more...they are the red/white gel resolutions.

I did send a message to MrsJRK.

I would love to play next weekend, plus I think we have a bit of a break in our matches...will check the schedule. Plus I'm not on deck for any more matches for my MD team, which will help out my availability too.
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