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OK, here is my review in the TW format of the Wilson NXT Control 16.

Strung up NXT Control last weekend. The string felt firm out of the package but not stiff. Had a weird smell to it that I can't describe. It uncoiled easily and the mains were easy to do except for some minor kinking. The crosses caused my fingers major friction burn so I used a screwdriver in lieu of my fingers to fan out the crosses. Knots on the crosses were kind of tough too. Gave it Ye Olde ball bounce test. Seems like it will have average spin. It was very muted and felt great in the sweet spot.

Tension it is strung: 60 pounds on a lockout machine full bed
Your regular string set up: Mantis Comfort Synthetic 60 pounds full bed
String pattern of your racquet: 16 x 20
Power (or lack there of): Low/Medium powered multi
Feel: Terrific
Tension maintenance: Seemed to hold until about the 8 hour mark
Price: $16.95/set
Overall comments and feedback: See below

General: I could tell on the first few hits that I was going to like this even though my first outing was in extremely windy conditions. The string has a roughness to it that allows it to provide pretty good spin for a multi. I loved this string for just about every shot.

Serve/Return of Serve: First serve is at 95% due to a shoulder injury. Still I had quite a few service winners with it. When I went for my returns this string shined. Chip returns were OK with it.

Strokes: Lots of spin on both wings. Depth control was excellent. This string felt like MultiFeel for spin which is just below RIP/Hexy Fiber for spin potential. I didn't have the confidence with this string to flatten out my forehand or backhand often but that may be because I was routinely hitting looping topspin just in front of the baseline. Where this string shined was hitting short cross court topspin shots. I must have had 5 outright winners on my backhand where the ball landed in front of the service line and went way off the court. Same thing happened quite a bit on my forehand.

Volleys: Volleys felt very solid when I tried to punch them. I did not get the opportunity yet to attempt a drop volley.

Touch shots: I had to dial myself back NOT to try so many drop shots. This string just lends itself to hitting them.

Softness: The string feels almost as soft as the Babolat Xcel. Yet another string that does not correlate with the RSI stiffness rating.

Tension: Perfect for my game. When I hit the ball long, it was not by much.

Durability: After 4 sets, I'm seeing some fraying. The string looks thinner than a 16 gauge so I'm guessing I only have a few sets left before breakage. I'll update after I break it. I ended up cutting the string out but I think it may have gone a few more sets.

Movement: String movement was very little. It almost seemed like the crosses moved more than the mains.

Conclusion: This is an excellent string that deserves a premium title. Too bad it is so expensive but it is worth trying out once.

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