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Originally Posted by Kal-El 34 View Post
i agree with you regarding the frame calling for a stiff / crisp polyester. you are def. allowed to disagree with my comments man i just post what i think of the racquet i hate the whole BLX line but a ton of people like them haha.... to each their own!

the weighted caps are nice, and the strips are also a nice feature if you feel the frame needs some weight in the head. they really let you be pretty accurate with weighting, without having to try and line up lead tape. that and you can mix some colors and customize even more
I and my friends demoed X-Dark Red a few times, and we kind of had a mixed feeling. At first, the racquet was strung with Kirschbaum Pro Line II, no one liked it. It's hard to explain the feel but we knew the racquet and string didn't work well together. Later we changed to a test multifilament string (the one that TW passed around people in the forum), that has a crisp feel of synthetic gut and softness of multifilament. Now people start to like this mixture.

Anyway, I like your review a lot. Not many people can write the feeling into words as good as you do. Keep it up.
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