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Donnay X-Blue 99 Review

I think maybe i have enjoyed my time with the blue 99 the most of all the mix. Whereas I enjoyed the black 94 being a bit more flexy than the blue 94, this was not the case with the 99 line. I think the blue 99 being a bit stiffer works better with the 99 sq. in. head. Think blue 94 with the pop I felt that the 94 was lacking. The headsize does not feel like a 99 really. honestly felt like I was swinging a 95 around.

This might just be the best racquet for groundstrokes i have ever hit. It has everything that I liked about the blue 94, but with some extra pop off the strings. the 16x20 string pattern works really well. I noticed a rediculous amount of control on both sides from the baseline. I have been absolutely crushing my forehand. The more i hit with this one, the more I like it as well. I spent 8 hours on the court with it today and realized how much I was having fun with it this afternoon. Pair the power with really heavy topspin and we have a winner here. My two handed backhand was really coming off the racquet with great power as well. My slice backhand was also seeing some improved bite. The weight of the racquet is the same as with the 94, and the 99 did not feel bulky whatsover. In fact i felt like it moved through the air even easier than the 94. All in all this frame performed very well in just about every area I can think of from the baseline. I am very impressed

VOLLEYS 8.5/10

I am up in the air on whether or not the 94 or the 99 performs better at the net. But since I said in my 94 review it was one of the best sticks at the net I've ever hit, that should say something here as well. i felt the 99 was a bit quicker through the air from the baseline than the 94, but not a quick at the net. The frame is still extremely stable, with a large sweetspot. Driving volleys were effortless and felt really good. Reflex volleys were also very good. The bigger head came in handy in just getting a little more string on the ball as well. Touch shots were also very easy to come by with the blue 99. It seems no matter how hard someone hits a shot at me, i can turn it into a drop volley no problem.


CANNON alert! LOVE serving with the blue 99. The extra pop is much appreciated when seving here. i felt extremely confident serving in all areas of the court. I could easily dial up my normal power on my flat serve. I was striking flat serves down the T about as good as i ever have. i was also getting tremendous amounts of spin, whether it be kick or slice. I really enjoyed hitting slice serves out wide on the deuce side. I could go bit with it, or get nasty with the spin and was hitting some extreme angles.

I have not had a ton of time to play around with weighting on the blue 99 yet. I have the lether grip removed, 5g cap in the handle and no strips currently. I will be tinkering around with this one some more and seeing if i can make it anymore lethal as well.


This is probably going to be my go to racquet from the Donnay line. I have been back and forth between a few of the frames, but every time I hit this frame I get a great vibe. I hit my groundstrokes and serve the best with this one, and the volleys are still rock solid. Again the racquet it pretty heavy, but if you like a heavy frame, this is def. worth checking out. Weight and balance are nice, string pattern is great, and all the things I liked about the blue 94 but with the pop I was looking for... what's not to like?
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